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CBC provides professional HR Consultancy, Business Development and Business Consultancy services to its clients in Pakistan and all overhr-ourstory the world.

The team of CBC is lead by our expert Ms. Saima Momin who has been heading the HR of some leading companies of Pakistan/multinationals and has served as the HR expert globally for more than 14 years.

Our team consists of progressive  and experienced professionals who have worked at different managerial positions in various fields having tremendous experience and knowledge of what makes organizations function at the optimal level. We believe in the incorporation of western contemporary HR practices into the local business community, and are at the helm of endorsing women empowerment in Pakistani business. Our team is proud to have climbed up through the corporate ladder for earning the prestigious opportunity of representing the Pakistani HR community on various national and international forums.

We have always advocated the need for HR to become a strategic partner to the business, as in this day and age of complex market dynamics and talent saturation, it is the alignment of Human Resource Management with the organization’s ultimate business goals that will yield the most value from the workforce. From a functional standpoint, we also believes in incorporating HR ideas that are still novel for the local industry. It is this marriage with modern philosophies that contains the necessary impetus to drive local industrial growth and take it beyond its current limitations. Pakistan houses one of the most talented labor forces across the world, and effectively managing this vast talent especially in the service industry is what will take our economy to the next level.

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